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JUG Lviv: From Streams to Reactive Streams

7 жовтня 2017 Україна, Львів

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Виберіть кількість квитків, що ви бажаєте придбати
Виберіть кількість квитків, що ви бажаєте придбати
Квитки на захід "JUG Lviv: From Streams to Reactive Streams" (07-10-2017 – 07-10-2017)
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Dear Friends, next JUG Lviv meetup will happen on October 7th, 15:30.

Topic:From Streams to Reactive Streams


Oleg Tsal-Tsalko

Solution Architect at EPAM Systems.
Pationate developer, Speaker, active member of Kiev JUG.
Participates in different educational initiatives, engineering events and JCP/AdoptJSR programs.

Oleg Tsal-Tsalko

Talk Abstract:

Have you always been wondering what Reactive Streams are, how do they work and how to use them?
Have you heard about Spring Reactor project which is now lay at the heart of Spring Framework itself?
Do you want to touch it yourself? Or probably you are brave enough to go deeper and try to understand some advanced aspects of Spring Reactor related to threading model and dealing with backpressure?
If you are ready to go for it than join this HOL and charge your brain from Spring Reactor.


This event is supported by EPAM Systems.

7 жовтня 2017
початок о 15:30
Reikartz Dworzec
Україна, Львів
вулиця Городоцька 107